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Andrew Blanton is a percussionist, media artist, and educator. His work is fundamentally transdisciplinary combining classical percussion, new media art, and creative coding to create realtime sonic and visual instruments. Andrew received a bachelors in percussion performance from the University of Denver (2008) where he attended on a partial scholarship studying with John Kenzie and a Master of Fine Art in New Media Art from the University of North Texas (2013) where he attended on a full scholarship studying principally with David Stout and Jenny Vogel. Andrew was the first research fellow in Roger Malina's ArtSciLab at the University of Texas at Dallas and is currently Assistant Professor of Digital Media Art at San José State University in the CADRE media lab.

Andrew has performed and presented his work around the world. His work has been shown in the Google Cultural Lab in Paris, The University of Brasilia, PUC-Rio, OT301 Amsterdam, and McGill University Montreal as a part of the Transplanted Roots Percussion Symposium among many other venues.

His current work focuses on the emergent potential between cross-disciplinary arts and technology, building sound and visual environments through software development, 3D sculptures through 3D printing and CNC routing, 3D environments through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, networked mobile development, and building scientifically accurate representations complex data sets as visual and sound compositions. Andrew has advanced expertise in percussion, creative software development, and developing projects in the confluence of art and science.

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